1, Comes with unique new design,
2, 3D printed wheel,
3, NTPT carbon technology,
4, P5 grade SKF Zirconia Ceramic Bearings,
5, Sapphire covers for the bearings.
6, So far, it is only compatible with Shimano 9150/9100/8050/8000-SS(Not compatible with R8000-GS).



1,Breakthrough patented regulating wheel structure

The guide wheel made of 3D-printed carbon fiber is not only lighter than the metal guide wheel but also can not produce detailed shapes like the traditional carbon fiber technology. Moreover, it has a much lower chain noise than the metal guide wheel.

The bearing and regulating wheel of the Titan system provide lifetime warranty service. If the regulating wheel is worn to the extent required for replacement, please contact us for the replacement of a new regulating wheel. The patented regulating wheel structure can replace the gear system without having to move the bearing. When the chain drives the regulating wheel to start turning, the patented regulating wheel structure will also turn accordingly, giving you a breakthrough visual experience. The heart moves with the chain.

And we’ll call it Spiral Galaxy, just like the Spiral of an extragalactic Galaxy. Our journey is a sea of stars.

2,NTPTCarbon technology

In the pursuit of perfection, ELILEE discovered NTPT carbon fiber technology for making guide plates, abandoning the traditional carbon fiber laminate structure and carbon fiber injection structure.

The technology was first proposed in 2001 by GerardGautier for the construction of sailing boats, which showed their advantage at America’s Cup in 2007. Then, in 2010, a breakthrough was made, and the technology was quickly applied to skis. Finally, in 2011, the technology began to enter the automotive and aerospace industries. Its most notable feature is its lightweight and ability to withstand high-strength shocks.

Watch luxury brands Richard Mille and Roger Dubuis are also using NTPT carbon-fiber technology. (the appended drawings)

3,Self-lubricating SKF zirconia bearing class P5

 Self-lubricating SKF zirconia bearing class P5 Bearing materials are generally divided into four types: bearing steel, stainless steel, silicon nitride, zirconia. Titan rear dial guide plate system uses zirconia bearing, namely bearing inner and outer rings, bearing ball, the cage is zirconia. Zirconia is the most expensive bearing material. Zirconia is less affected by heat expansion and cold contraction, at different temperatures and weights can maintain similar lubrication degree, the elastic modulus is higher, in the installation and pedal stress is not easy to deformation, can better improve the transmission efficiency. Moreover, zirconia is not corroded by water vapor and will not affect the bearing’s smoothness due to rust. (Silicon nitride mixed bearing, the steel ring will still rust)

The precision of rolling bearings is mainly divided into dimension precision and rotation precision. The ISO international standard precision grade is divided into P0, P6, P5, P4, and P2. The mixed ceramic bearings used on bicycles are generally P0 grade. The ELILEE Titan rear dial guide plate system uses ceramic bearings from P5 high precision grade produced by Sweden SKF, the largest bearing company in the world. In the world’s industrial field, bearing giant Sweden SKF is a household name, accounting for almost one-seventh of the global sales of bearings. Since its establishment in 1907, Sweden SKF has been providing high-quality high-precision bearings to the world. The SKF supplies most of the bearings for formula One racing cars. EILEEN is also the only company in the bicycle industry in the world to order such high standard zirconia ceramic bearings from SKF. Excellent products are inseparable from powerful suppliers and the ultimate raw materials.

When the bearing has reached sufficient precision, it can be self-lubricating, that is, no lubricating oil is required. There is no need to rely on large clearance looseness to achieve smooth idling effect like ordinary ceramic bearings. TITAN rear-dial guide plate system uses a larger bearing. Under the same precision, the large bearing has a smaller deviation compared with the small bearing, which reduces the amount of guide wheel frame caused by excessive clearance and improves the speed change efficiency in comparison.

4,Water net structure

 Water net structure When almost all the brands are told you not to take high pressure water washing of the bearing, please rest assured bold use of water cannons flush after Titan dial the guide system, mohs hardness up to 9 of zirconia bearings with fearless dust erosion, unique patent structure with no lubricating oil since embellish bearings and high precision of sapphire axis cover, can use water to fine dust out.

Blue sapphires are often processed into jewelry. However, some sapphires are transparent, and such sapphires are commonly used on smartphone displays. TITAN has a clear view of what’s going on inside the bearing through the sapphire case. Sapphire is one of the hardest substances on earth, which means that only a substance as hard as a diamond can scratch a sapphire part. Dry chain oil is recommended to prevent contaminated sludge from entering the bearing and affecting rotation. No lubricating oil is needed inside the bearing.)

5, Specification@Compatibility

Elilee Titan oversize pulley wheel system

No. of teeth: upper 13T,lower 14T

As of press time, it is only compatible with Shimano 9150/9100/8050/8000.



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